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Mobile Phone: +971.561559949

Day-time Phone: +971.561559949

Evening-time Phone: +249.912326554

Address: Ajman Free Zone Gate No.1, C1 Building Country: Ajman, United Arab Emirates

P. O. Box: 21136 Fax: +971.67445097


Target Job

Target Job Title: CFO, Finance Director, Finance Controller-Group, VP-Finance, Regional Finance Officer. Target Job

Location: UAE; Bahrain; Kuwait; Oman; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; Al Khartoum, Sudan

Career Objective: An ACCA and MBA with exponential experience of 14+ years in the areas of financial management,

analysis and reporting, budgeting, forecasting, project management, procurement strategies, business process

improvements etc. Seeking an enduring position with a progressive organization to mobilize resources, objectively

pursue opportunities, and lead the achievement of results.

Target Industry: Accounting/Auditing; Support Services; Banking; Construction; Consulting Services; Manufacturing and

Production; Oil/Gas; Management; Business Support; Planning Employment Type: Employee Employment Status: Full

time Career Level: Executive/Director Notice Period: Immediately

Personal Information

Birth Date: 1 January 1969 (Age: 44) Gender: Male Nationality: Sudan Visa Status: Residency Visa (Transferable) Marital Status: Married Number of Dependents: 5 Driving License Issued From: Sudan; United Arab Emirates

Experience (18 years)

Finance & Auditing    Freelancer Consultant

September 2013 to date.

Finance Manger & CFO

at Asawer Oil & Gas Co. Ltd, Location: Al Khartoum, Sudan , Sudapet Main Building, Africa St. Level.1. Asawer Oil & Gas Co. Ltd, Company Industry: Oil/Gas Job Role: Accounting/Banking/Finance August 2009 – September 2013


  • Pioneered full spectrum of financial business operations, treasury functions, finance planning and analysis, long range forecasting, for the entire group to achieve the organization's mission and help execute staff succession and growth plans.
  • Exhibited effective leadership by effective execution of planned financial strategy, monitoring all finance processes, and team performances, formulated manpower budgets and aided the group to optimize on its resources while maximizing profits.

Key Responsibilities

  • Offering strategic recommendations to the Management, Managing Committee and Board of Directors of the group on financial planning, auditing, budgeting and controlling, formulating and developing key business strategies, human capital management and controlling organization’s subsidiaries and other investments.
  • Supervising a team of 24, to execute the formulation of financial statements and analysis and routinely presenting the same to senior management, while certifying compliance to IAS and IFRS.
  • Planning and forecasting organizational goals and budgets, engineering strategies and policies, determining terms of credit and payments and ensuring that all the transactions are within prescribed risk exposure.
  • Identifying various resources to raise funds and negotiating effectively with key stake holders like bankers, creditors/suppliers, designing contracts and devising a strategy that is in the best financial interest of the organization.
  • Spearheading core finance functions like risk management, insurance, hedging organizations currency etc. Liaising extensively with fund managers and custodian for maximizing returns on various fixed income portfolios
  • Collating and examining the entire group’s financial statements/facts/summaries for the purpose of filing tax, social insurance Zakat etc., on time and proactively identifying any tax saving opportunities.
  • Administering routine financial functions like managing cash flows, facilitating timely payments, handling LCs, SBLCs, LGs and bank official dealings and generating accurate analysis of fund performance.
  • • Monitoring financial growth/stability/group performance in line with the set targets, policies and procedures, budgets and identifying potential financial risk, reporting the same to board, and creating back-up plans to avoid any fall-outs.
  • Preparing and evaluating business models/process to fine tune the financial summary, aligning all the systems/procedures/practices, having an impact on financial soundness to ensure operational efficiency for the entire group.
  • Catalyzing a driving force in the development and promulgation of best practices, standards and codes of practice across the various business units of the entire group leading the activities from concept to initiation, evaluation, design, project development and stakeholder relationship management.

Financial Management Officer

at Decentralized Health System Development Project (DHSDP) Location: Al Khartoum, Sudan , Khartoum 2, World Bank Company Industry: Banking Job Role: Accounting/Banking/Finance November 2008 -July 2009


  • Handled entire spectrum of finance management for the DHSDP project including activities like budgeting, forecasting, reporting, monitoring compliance to accounting standards, auditing while conforming to various legal/legislative protocols.

Key Responsibilities

  • Cataloged relevant sections of Project Implementation Manual (PIM) and defined financial procedures/processes (project accounting, banking, reporting, and auditing), in line with World Bank standards
  • Closely evaluated annual project budget and proposed disbursement schedules for each component and presented concrete solutions to rectify deviations (if any) to Federal Steering Committee, MDTF Oversight Committee, and World Bank.
  • Administered routine activities like implementation of accounting control procedures, commitments/disbursement of the project funds, maintained requisite records/database for smooth execution of annual external audits.
  • Monitored all transactions in project Special Account and made timely disbursements to states and localities and mediated extensively with multiple banks for the same.
  • Effectively drafted Withdrawal Applications (WAs) to avail requisite approval and concurrently formulated Statements of Expenditures (SOEs) to document expenses while certifying compliance to World Bank and Government procedures.
  • Generated monthly consolidated reports exhibiting financial status and performance of the project in addition to FMR’s (Financial Monitoring Reports) from Federal and state PIU’s data to display effective use of allocated funds.
  • Worked in collaboration with Government and World Bank supervision staff to review accounting methods and documentation and fostered an environment of internal control.
  • Instrumental in formulating and assigning budgets for various departments, identified cost-centers and developed and streamlined business processes/activities to minimize expenditures and thus enhance the operational efficiency.

Finance Manager

at SEECO Engineering & Environmental CO. Ltd Location: Al Khartoum, Sudan , Khartoum, Elzebir Basha street

Company Industry: Manufacturing Job Role: Accounting/Banking/Finance April 2008 -November 2008

Key Responsibilities

  • Performed wide range finance related functions e.g. preparation of financial statements/status reports, formulated budgets, cash flows forecasts, etc. and analyzed the veracity of transactions recorded across various books of accounts maintained.
  • Managed accounts receivables and accounts payable, carried out effective follow-up to receive timely payments from debtors while facilitated judicious payments to creditors thus maintaining optimal liquidity.
  • Ensured accurate and timely preparation of various reports identified significant variations and other vital financial information for strategic analysis and interpretation by Managing Director and General Director on regular basis.
  • Resolved accounting discrepancies faced by various internal/external intermediaries mediated extensively with the auditors, bankers, senior management, to warrant and verify accurate compilation of financial data.
  • Involved in streamlining existing processes, offered strategic inputs in process enhancements, and efficiently managed month-end processes.

Accountant in both offices (Abu Dhabi & Al-Ain)

at H. H. Sheikh Eissa B. Zayed Alnahyan Private Office Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Almushref Palace Company Industry: Real Estate Job Role: Accounting/Banking/Finance March 2001 -March 2004

Key Responsibilities

  • Prepared financial statements along with monthly closing and cost accounting reports, compiled and analyzed financial information moderated general ledger accounts, and documented various business transactions for group of offices.
  • Fine-tuned the financial summary by streamlining all correspondences and reports between the office and other agencies in addition to processing all the operations of residence forms concerning the office
  • Established, maintained, and coordinated implementation of accounting and accounting control procedures, monitored and reviewed accounting and related system reports for accuracy and completeness.
  • Managed day to day accounting functions, ensured expenditure control by verifying variance in estimated budgets and actual and presented vital recommendations thereof.
  • Administered the input and handling of financial data and reports for the company's automated financial systems, developed and maintained financial data bases, computer software systems and manual filing systems.

Project Accountant and Logistic Officer

at United Nations Population Fund Location: Al Khartoum, Sudan , United Nation Development Proramme, Khartoum, UoK street Company Industry: Community/Social Services/and Nonprofit Job Role: Accounting/Banking/Finance September 1998 -March 2001

Key Responsibilities for Safe Motherhood Survey

  • Liaised broadly with all component managers for effective formulation of project work plans, budgets, scheduled activities, and subsequently reported to UNFPA office on quarter basis regarding the project accomplishment.
  • Organized and aided tactical resources to ensure completion on scheduled time and budget forecasts while proactively participated in UNFPA’s workshops, seminars, and training.
  • Prepared financial forms, disbursement/reimbursement forms in line with organizational standards and closely monitored project schedule on regular basis with key emphasis on cost controls.

Key Responsibilities for Population and Development Strategies Project

  • Coordinated extensively with 4 units viz. Central Bureau of Statistics, National Population Council, Population Studies Center and University of Gaziera for smooth accomplishment of project objectives.
  • • Managed all functions of procurement process while controlling costs, maintaining time schedules and ensuring strict compliance to project guidelines/policies.
  • Prepared cost summary and estimated project time plan at various stages of project execution, identified discrepancies and undertook corrective actions to ensure and presented the same to Government of Sudan and UNFPA on regular basis.


at Sudanese Savings & Socio-development Bank Location: Al Khartoum, Sudan Company Industry: Banking Job Role: Accounting/Banking/Finance February 1995 -September 1998

Key Responsibilities

  • Performed broad range banking functions like management of current/savings accounts, transfers (local and foreign), investment and Collection and handled general accounts.
  • Optimized oracle package while discharging duties like petty cash payment, central bank of Sudan statement clearance and reconciliation and resolving customer queries while provisioning premium customer service levels.
  • Facilitated branch in all matters related to operations/sales/supervision and maintained job integration by keeping all the information pertaining to account/bank policies & procedures/ customer information confidential.


Master's degree, Oil & Gas Mini Management & Business Administration

at CWC school for Energy, UK Location: London, United Kingdom Completion Date : November 2012

Oil & Gas Mini Management & Business Administration (MBA), London, UK.

Oil & Gas economies, strategies, & future trends analysis

Certification / diploma, ACCA -affiliate

at ACCA -United Kingdom Location: United Kingdom Completion Date : December 2007

Certification / diploma, Computer Science

at Gizera University Location: Wad Madani, Gazera state Sudan Completion Date : November 1997

Diploma In Computer Science Courses Studied are: DOS, Excel, Word, Basic, Internet, Foxpro1, Foxpro2, Access, Cobol, PowerPoint, C++.

Bachelor's degree / higher diploma, BSc Financialaccounting

at Sudan University for Science & Technology Location: Al Khartoum, Sudan Completion Date : February 1995 BSc in Financial accounting


Specialties allow you to display your top 5 skills in your profile so that employers can more easily see where you excel

•       Performance Management
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Strategic Financial Planning
  • Project Management Skills

Financial    Analysis,     Financial    reporting,    Implementation    of                    Accounting Policies/Procedures.

Level: Expert | Experience: More than 10 years | Last Used: 1 month or less

Policy Formulation, Strategic Business Development, Relationship & Product Management, Operations.

Level: Expert | Experience: More than 10 years | Last Used: 1 month or less

Business          Analysis,          Financial          Management,                          Corporate Investmentmanagement, Treasury Functions.

Level: Expert | Experience: More than 10 years | Last Used: 1 month or less

Risk  assessment,  Internal  controls,  Feasibility  studies,  Fundmanagement, Budgeting, Maximizing ROI.

Level: Expert | Experience: More than 10 years | Last Used: 1 month or less

Project            Management,              Material            Sourcing,                        Purchasing, AdministrativeManagement.

Level: Expert | Experience: 10 years or less | Last Used: 1 month or less Internal Audits, Project Implementation, Operational Governance,

IAS/IFRS. Level: Expert | Experience: 10 years or less | Last Used: 1 month or less Driving Growth, Human Capital Management and Training, Recruitment.

Level: Expert | Experience: More than 10 years | Last Used: 1 month or less Communication & Interpersonal Networking, Analytical and Problem

Solving, Team Building, Leadership. Level: Expert | Experience: More than 10 years | Last Used: 1 month or less DOS, Ms Word, Basic, Internet, Foxpro1, Foxpro2, Access, Cobol,

PowerPoint, C++, Peachtree, Oracle. Level: Expert | Experience: More than 10 years | Last Used: 1 month or less


Arabic Level: Expert | Experience: More than 10 years | Last Used: 1 month or less English Level:

Intermediate | Experience: More than 10 years | Last Used: 1 month or less


Dr. Dirar Elmahi Elobaid

Job Title: Associate professor Company Name: Algasiem University, Suadi Araibia Phone Number: +966.501832625

Email Address:


Association of Chartered Certified Accountant as ACCA affiliate & ACCA Member

Membership/Role: Member Member since:

January 2012

Training and Certifications, UK, London

Duration: 2 months 6 days -( From 24 September 2013 To 27 November 2013 ) Type of Training: On line CPD courses, Managing Change, Corporate Governance, & Professionalism & Ethics to accountant Certificate: certificates of completion

Infocus International Group, Singapore

Duration: 4 days -( From 18 November 2013 To 21 November 2013 ) Type of Training: IFRS for Oil & Gas

Certificate: certificate of attendace & completion

Barker Hoffmann Consulting

Duration: 3 years 1 month 10 days -( From 21 December 2009 To 30 January 2013 ) Type of Training:Strategic Planning, management Planning & Performance Management workshops during 2009-2013 Certificate: continuing education workshops attendance

Zanerva SDN BHD Malaysia

Duration: 5 days -( From 27 May 2011 To 31 May 2011 ) Type of Training: Advance Operational Cash Flow Management Course Certificate: Attandance

Azal for Management Consultancies AMC

Duration: 4 days -( From 20 September 2010 To 23 September 2010 ) Type of Training: Risk management of currency fluctuations Certificate: Attendance Certificate

OS2R Projects

Duration: 15 days -( From 24 December 2009 To 7 January 2010 ) Type of Training: PMI, PMP, Preparatory Course Certificate: Attendence Certificate

APTECH Computer Education

Duration: 30 days -( From 26 June 2009 To 25 July 2009 ) Type of Training: Microsoft Project PM Certificate:

Certificate of completion

Malawi Institute of Management MIM

Duration: 12 days -( From 4 May 2009 To 15 May 2009 ) Type of Training: Financial Management and disbursement for World Bank financed projects Certificate: Participation certificate

Technical Assistance Facility Unit TAF

Duration: 7 days -( From 1 March 2009 To 7 March 2009 ) Type of Training: Financial Management in National Government Statistics Certificate: Workshop attendance completion certificate

Usage Technology SDN BHD Malaysia

Duration: 7 days -( From 16 May 2008 To 22 May 2008 ) Type of Training: MySoft Enterprise ERP software versionM300 Certificate: Certificate of completion

United Nation Population Fund UNFPA

Duration: 8 days -( From 3 March 1999 To 10 March 1999 ) Type of Training: UN accounting system Certificate:


United Nation Population Funds Association

Duration: 8 days -( From 1 December 1998 To 8 December 1998 ) Type of Training: Project Logical Framework Matrix Certificate: NA

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