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GREENFIELD will address market and climate risk through well studied diversification and integration plan; the general outline of this plan:

• Rational investment based on risks and expected return.

• Vertical/horizontal agri-industrial integration:

Animal feed (i.e alfalfa) plantation, marketing and related dairy products. Cattle fattening industries. Poultry and Fish farming Guar plantation and marketing of its different related products Wheat plantation and related flooring industry Beet plantation and related sugar industry Beekeeping & related honey production Organic food (vegetables and fruits) Soybean plantation and marketing of its different related products Sunflower and related oil refining industry.


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Greenfield Integrated Services & Solutions

(Greenfield) is an Oriented Business entity having its Consultancy expertise in Feasibility Studies, Research & Development, Project Management & Operation Management adopting the International Standard for integrated services of Agro-Industrial Sectors.

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