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Greenfield will follow a well defined and documented professional approach to manage and operate Alzaki project with consideration to Client vision and priorities:

• To minimize costs, specialized consultants will be outsourced and engaged on part time basis.

• Qualified Design team will be formed to verify current design and integrate all future plans in one design. Fully automated plant could be the target.

• Two offices will be set: at Site and in Khartoum

• Enhancing site communication infrastructure through closed network or walkie talkies.

• Telecommunication network will be established to link Site, Khartoum and Saudi Arabia offices.

• Setting of financial controls to minimize risks and satisfy international reporting standards.

• ERP system and Oracle Primavera 6 will be utilized to plan, manage and control the Project and related operations.

• Quality standards will be documented and continuously updated to gauge product quality with international market requirements.

• Implementation of aggressive HSE standards to safeguard human and surrounding Environment.

• Resource and cost optimization through business planning and firmed benefit approach.

• Social interaction with locals to minimize disputes and work disruptions.


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